13 March 2019

TTCombat: Construction Shed and Army Base

One of the things I really enjoy when making terrain, is thinking of different possible setups. The construction shed from TT Combat is a cheap little piece, that can be used for all manner of different setups.

I've painted mine in OD green, and did the same with a few containers from the MSV Rizell. So this little shed is perfect for a military base checkpoint, security office at a harbor or at a construction site.

Still need to build a few more pieces for an even bigger military base setup. A few hangars, sandbag entrenchments, military truck, helipad.

Homemade wiremesh fencing. Really happy with these terrain pieces, using them for a lot of different setups.

The shipping containers from the transport ship, gonna use these in most setups as well. I think I'm gonna order some more and paint them completely rusted.

The shed used at a few harbor setups.

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