20 March 2019

TNT: Slavers

For my This Is Not A Test campaign, one of my mates wanted to play as Fallout 2 inspired slavers.  Leather jackets and a leader in metal armor. I looked at a few photos from Fallout 2 - very low resolution.

There's a wip post of the warband and bit list here. And blogs on the terrain here.

The warband is based on the 'Peace Keepers' list in the TNT rulebook, using the Sacrificial Lambs as slaves captured by the warband.

Here's a shot of the eight man starting warband.

Reinforcements: As the campaign progress, multible reinforcements are added to the team. 
  • Blood hound bounty hunter, k-9 trainer and depend-o-bot here.

An officer armed with a shotgun, the leader 'Metzger' armed with laser carbine and metal armor and a quartermaster armed with an AR.

A Line Breaker armed with a hand weapon and a big shield. He's followed by two k-9 attack dogs, for running down potential slaves and pinning them in place.

I little reference to my all time favorite smiley face from The Watchmen. The shield's text read 'ENJOY' - yeah, please do.

A few slaves used in the game with sacrificial lamb rules - I love the explosive collars they have. The models are nice little pieces from Ramshackle Games. 

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