13 July 2020

Ghost Archipelago: Reinforcements

After my Ghost Archipelago crew had been on two adventures into the jungles, they sailed back to the mainland. Mostly because I had found some awesome new miniatures ideas I wanted to use and they had the money to do so. No need in waiting for crew to die I figured.

After two games they were able to hire a total of five new crew members.

Bosun and top man
These two characters take up places for regular crew members and not the spots for specialists. So I figured that was a cool addition to the crew. 

Pirates have hats and I didn't want to use duplicate heads on the models. This is a Ghost Archipelago crew member with an old empire militia head. Also used some old empire arms for him, as he's only armed with a dagger. 

For the good topman climbing expert look, I've added a rob with hooks and tied some extra rope around his torso and waist.

This is an experienced sailor and he's armed with a two handed weapon when sailing in a small boat (used in some scenarios).

I used an official crew man body, but added an old bearded empire head, to give him the right look. Then I took a spear bit and cut off the tip, made it into an oar with a small piece of plastic card.

After the first couple of games my crew turned out to have trouble with all the fauna of the Ghost Archipelago. Both wandering animals and the ones summoned and control by the enemy warden. So I decided to exchange the bowmen with a pair of hunters - getting bonus when fighting monsters.

Sword Master
A bodyguard for my Heritor. Model is a good kit bash. Body and legs are from a dark elf miniature. The head is from Warlord Games female zombie survivors with an added empire militia hat. The arms are both old empire soldier arms. The cloak is from an old high elf.

I really like the pose the model ended up with. Decided to paint her in the same colors as my Heritor and his infantry crew member, adding a bit of uniform to the look.