26 July 2020

TNT: Stalker reinforcements

My good friend is a big fan of the Metro PC games and when joining my 'I'll build an paint your warband, just come and play' campaign - we build a group like that for TNT.

After his first game he got super lucky on the wasteland exploration and found a plasma rifle, a minigun, three wasteland puppies and enough barter script for a new elite soldier.

So I build a couple of new models for the warband for our latest game.

Both have bodies taken from an Anvil Industries lucky bits bag. Actually these guys are mostly Anvil Industry bits. It's only added a GW 40k tau plasma gun to the leader and a Mantic Games GCPS pointing arm. There's also a few pouches here and there from Warlord Games.

Since building the original warband, I've also started playing Zona Alfa. So the original gang will be reused for that as well now. 


  1. These look really cool. Liking the tau weapon it suits the model well.

    1. That gun is such a cool scifi and cyberpunk bit. I love it.