12 July 2020

The Road to Horisont pt 1

Good things can come from a weird situations. Back during isolation I setup a Discord server (more words on that in this blog) - which has turned into a growing creative community and have gotten me some new friends. 

Well one of these new friends is Torben, a fellow Danish hobbyist and a good guy. We've been talking a lot of Discord both in The Garage and during Patmocon that ran back in those isolation days. 

We seem to have the same mindset when playing a game - fun, well painted models, non-competetive, story-driven gaming. Lots of smaller skirmish and indie games. And after hours of hanging in voice chat, we figured we had probably met in real life. 

Back in the day there was a small Danish convention called Horisont. A gaming convention for all the small indie games on the scene and a place to showcase new or homemade systems. A key thing about Horisont that I remember was 'no 40k and warhammer fantasy' - because those systems have enough room and tournaments in Denmark. Torben and I both attended that old convention. Unfortunately Horisont has been around since 2016 - and despite going to differnet RPG conventions, there's not really a place just like it. 

So we thought we wanted to do something similar. A weekend of hobbying, lots of different game systems, cool boards. A place to connect the skirmish scene, that's scattered all over the country. 

We wanted to meet hobbyist, mostly known from online commuties, look at cool stuff and get as many games in as possible.

And we figured 'why not resurrect Horisont?'. We're aiming for that same old feel. 

We were lucky enough to get permission from the old organizers and will be running the Convention through an RPG Club named F√łniks (Phoenix). 

It's great fun for me to be organizing something like this again, it's been years since I've been in that kind of chair. 

Location is locked down, a cool free venue in the middle of Denmark. The cost for the convention will be held at an absolute minimum - because we want as many people to join as possible. So what now? 

Well... people are cool. The hobby community is awesome. Right away lots of people have said 'I'll join and would love to demo X system'. Voluntary hours are being poured into website design. It's awesome! So the website and sign-up will open very soon. 

... and that seems to be how a convention is made. From now on and until October, all my hobby time will go towards Horisont Con. I will be painting warbands for demos and try to hammer out as much terrain for new boards as possible. 

I can currently setup a jungle board, a modern board, a post apocalypse board, a huge classic fantasy board, a frozen city board, a farm board and an industrial board. And I'll be bringing all of it to Horisont. It's all here.

Be October I would love to also setup a full 3'x3' dungeon board, a dessert board and a military base board.

And Frostgrave 2nd edition is soon coming, will need a few new buildings for that - because it's my home. 

Personally I'll be running demos in Frostgrave and This Is Not A Test. I'll be looking to get my first game of Relic Blade and A Song Of Ice And Fire. Would love to play some Last Days and Reality's Edge as well. 


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