23 July 2020

Dungeon: Finished 4 tiles - Youtube video

Finally got around to finishing my first four dungeon tiles. All four corner tiles are now painted completely and weathered. I've made a youtube video covering the last work paint work.

Video content:
  • Painting wall details, archways, doors, individual stone
  • Talking texture rolling pins and XPS foam
  • Washing and weathering - homemade cheap brown wash. 

Show off - finished dungeon
The plan is to expand the dungeon to a complete 3'x3' board. First making two more tiles connecting between corners, bringing the board to a 2'x3'. But that comes later. Right know it's playable and the correct size for the next two games of Rangers of Shadow Deep

Most of the pieces shown below is blogged other places here. Check out the Frostgrave collection

Torture chamber made with a mix of reaper bones, terrain crate and hero quest terrain.

Wizard study with terrain crate, dungeon sage and mdf pieces

Storage room with terrain crate, renedra and dunkeldorf bits. 

Armory with terrain crate and hero quest bits. 

Mausoleum with hero quest, dungeon saga and loka pieces.

Barracks made with cheap chinese architecture furniture, upgraded. 

A small treasure chamber

A reaper mimic roaming the corridors. 

Another storage room.

A vampires lair. There hero quest, terrain crate and architecture furniture used here.  

A djinn converted from an old hero quest miniature.

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