10 July 2020

Terrain: Trucks and bus

So I went into a grocery store to buy some milk - and found these awesome big toys! I've actually been wanting some trucks like this for a long time, to go with my gas station to make a proper truck stop.

Usually I get toys for terrain from thrift stores or markets, but these were cheap enough for me to get them. Another super simple job of getting them ready for the board. A layer of matt varnish (otherwise wash won't really work).

Drybrushed some browns on the edges and wheels, picked out a few metal details and then gav the entire thing a thick layer of brown wash.

It's on purpose I didn't smash them up completely, because I want them to work with cyberpunk and modern games - not just post apocalypse.

Got this bus at the same time as the trucks. Great little piece, a good line of sight blocker to add on the modern boards. Lucky trip for milk this one.

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