22 March 2020

Discord - COVID19 - Stay social - apart

Saw a post on Facebook that made me think. A friend, very outgoing and social type - doesn't really have any hobbies, don't play computer. Isolated at home, living alone. He was starting to stress about about it.

And when I was gonna spend a quite night having a beer, checking in on some CS:GO, writing battle reports for Rangers of Shadow Deep, Zona Alfa and Reality's Edge. My wife's training CS:GO with her team, my kid fell asleep early after a long day outside.

So I've set up a Discord server. A free platform for text and voice chat. So feel free to and invited to join my for a beer, hobby talk or talking wind and weather.

Please consider jumping in if self isolation is getting to you, we're in this for the near future. Staying home is the right thing - but isolation can be bad for your mental health.

Stay safe, stay happy, stay hobbying.

Discord is free. Here's my server: https://discord.gg/xwcRSs7

I'm logging on whenever I do hobby work in the evening.

Here's the rules I set up for the server.

Hello fellow Hobbyist and welcome to Bloodbeard's Garage Discord. 

This Discord is setup for hobbyists to have a social hangout online, with the possibility to chat both text and voice based. Discord offers a way of interaction that's not great in the way Facebook groups or twitter threads work. 

1. Dont act like a scumbag. Be nice to other people, be supportive, be constructive - or be quite. 

That's it really. Breaking the rules could result in a ban. 

- Cool hobby work and miniature talk all over the place. - Feel free to link your personal blog or facebook group, but don't spam. 

- Share videos or photos from you games and projects. It's all cool. ENCOURAGED - Name tags, if you drop me a message I can add you real name to the Discord name. Makes it easier to figure out who's who. But some value the privacy of internet names. See my own for example Søren / Blodskaeg 

- If you feel like there's missing a channel for something - specific game, WIPs, your own hobby blog - whatever. 

Feel free to ask, we'll probably set it up. Both text and voice - you'll become a moderator of your own room. 

Have fun, glad you've joined in. I'm personally online for voice chat when doing hobby work in the evening. // Søren Emil / Bloodbeard

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