18 March 2020

Terrain: Cyberpunk signs and adverts

I try to build most of my pieces myself. But sometimes it's just so much easier and relatively cheap to buy the finished stuff. That's what I've done with signs for my Cyberpunk setup. As a quick way to up my modern terrain to sci-fi looking pieces, I've added a lot of bright colored signs.

The acryllic signs are from Mad Gaming Terrain and the print-on-mdf kits are from Antenocitis Workshop. Using the same technique as when I build signs for my modern board, I've added hooks with bend plastic sprue. So it's really easy to just hook these signs in windows from roof tops or similar.

It'll take around 30 seconds to turn any board cyberpunk this way. Money well spend.

I've attached a few examples, but I got so many signs from the orders I placed. You can see many more if you check out some of my Reality's Edge AARs.

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