21 March 2020

RoSD - New Ranger and companions

Played my first game of Ranger's Of Shadow Deep with my son. Being isolated at home, for at least 14 days during this COVID-19 crisis. My son really enjoyed the game and I decided to quickly build and paint some models for him.

My son picked out the models and bits himself, I build the miniatures. The paint scheme is made to fit my own Ranger and her companions.

For the first scenario we played, my son had recruitment points for 3 companions, so that's what we build.

Ranger Bottond the Black
My son picked out an Oathmark human body (with a cool ranger fitting cloak) and Frostgrave barbarian head. He wanted he leader to have a big two-handed axe for beheading all the evil monsters and picked out a GW high elf lord bit. The armored free arm is an old GW empire militia bit.

As his ranger found some healing herps in the first battle, it was important for my son that he had potions flasks in the belt. It's gunpowder canisters from old GW dwarfs. Lastly he got a small crossbow, for that free shot at the start, before getting into melee.

This is an old metal GW dark elf assassin, he was missing his right arm when we found him. Ny son picked out a nice one handed axe for him and after looking at all the shields (there's so many in a bit box) - picked out this one. Glad he ended on this, as he was also considering a big chaos knight shield.

The archers had great succes in out first game, so he wanted an archer to support his ranger. The body is an Oathmark human and the head is from Frostgrave cultists. Simple model, only added a bowstring to the bow for the extra detail.

Last is a Reaper Miniatures armored assassin. I got this model as a freebie from King Games once, so it's nice to put it on the table. Originally the model was armed with two knives, but that that's not a cool load out, he needed a sword. The sword fits perfectly and is from the Oathmark human kit.


  1. Digging all three, but that reaper assassin really got an attitude boost just from the addition of the sword. Good stuff!

    1. Yes! I love the result. Such a small thing, but it completely changes the model!

  2. They look great! I’m jealous of your productivity too, you’re smashing out loads of cool stuff this year!

    1. Cheers. Lots of stuff is back from 2019. It often comes in rows and I finish 10 projects at the same time, split it into a lot of different blogs and post with at least 3 days between. So it stretches out well.