2 March 2020

TNT: Peacekeeper Tactical

I actually build this model for my TNT peace keeper warband back before I even played the game. But I only recently got enough barter script to bring him on the crew, so he got a quick paint job before a recent game.

The miniatures is based on a Warlord Games terminator resistance fighter (like most of the peace keepers). Added a WW2 american helmet, some ww2 pouches and a back pack. The MG42 is a german shooter - and I love that gun. The Danish army is still using a version of this one and it's such a joy to work that weapon system.

One of the reasons why I love working with plastic kits, it's so easy to mess around and get a cool miniature from it.

Here he is, deployed with the rest of his team. Fighting for control over a suburban area, with an intact and filled water tower. 

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