9 March 2020

Terrain: Ship Wrecks and small boats

Back before we even started playing Ghost Archipelago (but knew we wanted to at some point) I found this Pirate of the Caribbean toy in a dumpster. Really ugly piece, obviously broken - but with a huge potential!

This turned in to some big pieces and the are great for the jungle adventure terrain collection.

I started off by breaking away all the blue plastic and getting myself two half broken ships. There's some nice texture on the toys, but there's also som clean, smooth areas - and these need to be hidden. 

Enter coffee stirrers and pop-sickle sticks, taken from various over priced coffee bars and the craft room at the school I work. Using my hot glue gun, I added pieces to the and off the ship and hit all the smooth plastic areas this way. 

Using some thin mahogany sheets, I added bigger boards here and there. This is trash chippings from a saw mill, excellent stuff for so much terrain. It was a very rough texture, so it paints up and takes wash really well. 

Also added some broken sticks as masts to the ships. Still all I've used is my hot glue gun. 

The interior of one ship, used some of the mahogany pieces to save time and not fiddle around too much with those small coffee stirrers - it was getting annoying. 

On the outside of the ships there were some nasty big holes, from where the ships were tilted on the blue plastic waves. There was also wave patterns molded on the ships themselves at various places. 

I went out and found some very old pine trees, they have big pieces of rough and dead bark, easy to peel off without hurting the tree. I used these pieces of bark to cover up the holes in the plastic and make something that looks like rocks. These ships are wrecked, might as will have rocks as part of them. 

Most of the painting was done with spray paint. Dark brown in the recess areas, lighter brown on the edges. Black spray on the rocks and a light grey light spray on top of that. Then it was a matter of picking out the few metal details and add a heavy layer of wash to everything. 

The last bit of added details was some ripped up pieces of cloth and small lengths of string. It adds some nice color to the pieces and make them pop a bit more.

Small boats
This is some cheap mdf kits from Laser Model Store. I bought mine from the previous owner (who scammed a few people and went underground). My mate got his from the new owner - and his boats are a bit on the small side. They're just a bit too small to comfortably fit 25 mm round bases.

A quick job of different grey spray paint and wash.


  1. Wow! Pirate dream coming true. Marvellous work. :)