14 March 2020

Ghost Archipelago: Objectives

I love making treasure tokens! And I've made both frozen versions, dungeon versions and now for Ghost Archipelago.

I've had some nice resin and metal bits from Admiralty Miniatures for some time, decided to use those. The look sufficiently Indiana Jones for this game.

To bring out the pieces, I've put them all standing on a small rock. Adds some nice weight to the counter and makes them more visible. 'Who would leave their treasure on a rock?' - well.... Who would leave it one the floor of a jungle?

Besides the small treasure pieces, i've added finger nail gems and gold glitter.

A goblet of gold, coins and gems.

A crystal ball.

Two small god statues. A male and female god - the male one is probably a Chaos Dwarf icon.

A globe and a telescope - this is my favorite treasure tokens. It's just so fitting for a pirate crew to find something like this.

A bronze vase and some other treasure pieces.

A captains log, hopefully it contains clues to where one can find the Crystal Pool.

A small counter for the 'x marks the spot' scenario. Added a shovel and pick axe from Mantic's terrain crate, a skull and some recently dug earth.

Saurian eggs. These are simple, cheap polystyrene eggs found on ebay. They had a single layer of brown wash, to tone down the white. Super quick and very easy pieces to do. Used for the 'saurian breakfast' scenario.


  1. Those look great, I especially like the eggs!

    1. Thanks. The eggs were done by my mate. Super easy to do.