5 March 2020

Ghost Archipelago: Dinosaurs

I'm always on the lookout for toys, that can be reused as bestiary entries for all the skirmish games I play. And for Ghost Archipelago it's no different. A few cheap toys and an old model I got for free.

For my Tyrant, the biggest and baddest monster you can encounter when playing the core book, I've found a toy. This one is from Schleich (who makes the best ones out there), got it cheap at a thrift store. Didn't need a paint job, only gave it a big base and a layer of Army Painter quick shade.

The razor back is undead - like there's so many other undead creatures on these islands. I found a cheap box of skeleton dinosaurs on ebay. A couple of the are gonna be based as monsters for the game. The rest of the skeletons will in time be used on terrain features. A saurian graveyard would be an awesome table.

Again it's only a base and a layer of wash.

There's also a flying dinosaur in the core book, can't remember the name. I've had the old lizardmen flier lying around for years, got it as part of a cheap box. On of those boxes where I keep some stuff for myself, sell of the rest and thus end up with some free miniatures.

The model was already painted, so I only fixed the chipped parts and gave it a layer of wash.

The base is pretty cool on this one. It did take a bit of work to make him keep his balance. The stones on the base help and there's also a few small metal plates adding weight under the base and flock.


  1. The flying one is a Razorbeak.

    And, if I recall correctly, the big one is called a Monarch in English (though that and Tyrant might be translated the same).