24 March 2020

Terrain: Tuk-tuk and hover car

A big part of making the perfect cyberpunk table is traffic, there needs to be lots of vehicles on the board. For me that brings a feel of busy sprawl, that's needed in cyberpunk. And then there's the mix of cultures, also a big part of all good cyberpunk.  So tuk-tuks is a perfect thing to add!

On ebay I've found some very cheap tuk-tuk, they'll cost you next to nothing. They're made from beer cans and toy car wheels. I re-painted mine in blue and white colors and added the Blue Sun logo to the top off it - always good with a Firefly reference here and there.

The next tuk-tuk is an actual toy, also found on ebay. It was originally in some very ugly silver, pink and blue colors. I decided to make it into a taxi, made a checkered pattern and some taxi sign in Paint, simply printet and added with pva glue.

Last tuk-tuk was a gift from my friend Lau, the guy I place most often in all these skirmish games. He found this in a thrift store, looking for other modern cars for terrain. This little vehicle already had some nice graphics on it, so I only gave it a dull coat of matt varnish and then a layer of brown wash.

Hover car'
Last is a hover car made from an old PC mouse. I've seen these done absolutely amazing on the Reality's Edge facebook group, so I wanted to have a go myself. I added a few resin pieces from Ramshackle Games (who makes a great 'spaceship parts' set. Since this build, I've obtained two more broken mouse, so I can build some more.

The windshield needs the most works, I think a darker grey or blue might be the way to go.