10 September 2020

RoSD - Villagers and survivors

For a lot of Rangers of Shadow Deep scenarios there's a possibility to rescue some villagers from evil. In out first scenario I didn't know, so we just a crew member from the Ghost Archipelago.

But I wanted to have some prober fantasy civilians to rescue. So here's four civilians who will often need saving from monsters.

I build the male farmers from Oathmark human soldiers. I found the two bodies with the least amount of metal studs on their armor and scraped them off with my hobby knife. Then picked out two heads without helmets - and they're pretty much perfect.

From the old (and otherwise terrible) GW zombie kit I took a pitchfork and a scythe. Job done.

From my regular hobby supplier King Games I found a bunch of different civilians. The one on the left I can't remember who made, it's a metal figure. The model on the right is a reaper bones miniature.