13 September 2020

Zona Alfa: Monsters from the Zone

Years ago I bought a won a copy of Sedition Wars for super cheap at an auction, and I've never really gotten around to using any of the models from the game. But with Zona Alfa I wanted to paint some of the models, they seem like perfect mutants from the zone.

These dudes came with a some base colors already done. A black undercoat with a necrotic grey/green flesh drybrushed on top. I just picked out a few details and made sure to give one of them a slav ganger uniform - blue Adidas pants.

These is definitely a dangerous mutant and also an unmodified Sedition War sculpt. I like the Roadside Picnic setting of an alien encounter, and these guy would fit to be that kind of mutant - something from outer space.  

This is an iconic Stalker monster, so I needed to have one for my mutants as well. The body is from an old plague stage 3 restic model (Deadzone 1st edition). The arms and the head is from a Dreadball mutant team. My son loves this model, he turned out really good. 

The Witch
The last kind of the Sedition Wars sculpt is this beast, I call it The Witch. I figure it's a very nasty, stalking, silent killer. Again it has a really nice alien look. This one was base coated grey, had some metal and bone details picked out. The entire model is then covered in purple wash.

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