27 September 2020

Garage Talks ep 2 - Joseph A. McCullough

We've had the immense pleasure of having Joseph A. McCullough over on Bloodbeard's Garage Discord for a hobby talk about his games. So that make our second Garage Talk

For two full hours we were allowed to ask about anything related to his works and upcoming releases. I think we even have some breaking news. That's awesome! 

Frostgrave: 2nd edition, launch in covid times and the upcoming expansion The Red King

Oathmark: Not the launch it deserved, new kits, new expansions. Bane of Kings and Oathbreakers.

Rangers of Shadow Deep: World building, future, RPG elements.

Stargrave: We get to hear a lot about the upcoming game Stargrave! Scifi in a ravaged galaxy!

You can listen to the episode here or find it on popular podcast platforms - all anchored here

Why not join the Discord and listen in on future talks? We have all manner of interesting guests coming in for talks with us. 

While we did the chat yesterday, I even got to build the Thaurmaturge warband I plan to use for Frostgrave 2nd edition. Good times, good times. 




Templar and archer
Wizard and apprentice


  1. Thanks for recording! This was a good listen.

  2. I just had that time, to listen this while painting. There were some really good questions, thanks!