17 September 2020

Dungeon Board: Video 4 - this is how we start

 The entire dungeon board project is pretty well documented by now. I've covered most of the techniques in both words and video. But since I started building, before getting cameras for videos - I haven't made any video of the first part of the build. 

That has now been fixed. In this video I cover:

  • Planning a design on the 1'x1' tile
  • Drawing stone work in foam
  • Texturing the foam
  • Making archway and doorway details. 
  • Glue and stabling the walls into a tile. 
For all the painting and weathering tips, there's already lots of videos and written material. 

Now I only need to finish up some more boards, paint a bunch of terrain clutter and furniture and then go dungeon crawling! 

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