22 September 2020


These models are part of the excellent Frostgrave plastic kit range from Northstar. I originally build them to work as a complete warband, so kitted them out to various roles. I only got around to building them as they are needed for at Rangers of Shadow Deep scenario.

To make it easier on myself, I base coated the 12 models in three different colors. Two different browns and a grey.

For the rest of the model I kept to fairly natural colors, trying to split a single color between four models - to make them all look different, but still uniformed a bit in look. 

The barbarian gnolls are made from two reaper bones beastmen. I cut off the heads and added gnoll heads instead. Then I gave them some cloaks and added small pieces of chains to that. They look good and are a bit bigger than the other gnolls, fitting for barbarians.

The Into The Breeding Pits expansion calls for gnoll war chiefs and a shaman. So took the coolest looking head for the war chief. Gave him a shield of a higher quality than the other gnolls and a good pelt cloak.

The shaman is build cutting off the tip from a spear. Then using a bunch of different skull bits from the bit box, he's been made a caster.

The archers have gotten some GW Ungor bows, as they are bigger and cooler than the originals. I've also added some bow strings to the bows.

The rest of the gnolls are made with bits straight for the box, minimal conversion work on those. I've added in some cultist and barbarian bits here and there. So easy to kit bash with the various frostgrave kits.


  1. They look pretty cool. I am debating on picking up a set doing them up all sci-fi. To represent a bunch of space raiders.

    1. The northstar conversion set work for them. And you can find a use for them in Stargrave next year. Go for it.