9 April 2020

G.C.P.S vehicles - black ops

I backed Mantic Games Warpath kickstarter years ago. I never intended to play the mass battle game and sold of all the rules and tokens when they got here. I did however really like to get 'one of each' for Deadzone and the awesome vehicles from the kicsktarter.

Reality's Edge and Hardwired where the excuses I needed to finally paint up the vehicles. I've gone for the same grey, black and red colors I've used on my other GCPS troopers. I plan to use these Deadzone models as black ops troopers in RE and tier 3 enemies in Hardwired.

Then using the blue / white as tier 2 and some lightly armed security guards as tier 1.

The Mule
Such a great little vehicle. This little armored car just oozes science fiction and cyberpunk. And I regret not haven gotten three of these vehicles. They could be awesoem for Necromunda Enforcers as well.

GCPS Flier
The flier for GCPS reminds me a bit about a VTOL, a very cool machine. Went with the same colors as the troopers. This flier is excellent as an objective or just part of the terrain. The ability to take off vertically is cool, so the plan is looking right even when planted on the top of a building.