27 April 2020

Terrain: White picket fence

As part of project American suburbia for TNT and Walking Dead there needs to be some white picket fences. It just screams suburbia to me and helps set the mood. I've been looking for an excuse to place an order at Renedra, as they sell them. But in the end I've build my own. 

I've been using coffee stirrers high jacked from a local coffee shop. Best reason to get an expensive coffee is to stuck up on hobby materials. 

Start of by splitting a stirrer in two on long side.

Cut 2cm pieces of stirrer, just make a lot of them. Then use your hobby clippers to cut triangle shapes at the end of them. Then glue them in place on the long pieces using wood glue. 

I placed some glasses on the fences while they were drying.

I cut out some thick 3mm card board for fence bases. Then put the fence on the card and mark the ones touching with a pencil - done by eye sight not all will be in contact with the cardboard base. I used hot glue gun to attach the fence to the base.

Use pva glue and sand the base. Then base coat white. I found a mat white spray and it didn't cover too well on the first spray - perfect for the worn look. When dry add some homemade brown wash to the fences. I mixed cheap acryllic, pva glue, dish wash soap and water. 

It makes a pretty big difference to the look.

I unfortunately ran out of coffee stirrers after buildign four sections of fence. So will have to make some more later.


  1. The look great! My supplies of coffee stirrers have been running low n lockdown, so I’ve been having to make replacement material by cutting down tongue depressors...

    1. I hear ya! I would have preffered coffee stirrers as well, but I'm all out. That's why I've been cutting icecrem sticks in half instead.