6 April 2020

Ramshackle Games on Patroen

I'm a big fan of Ramshackle Games and the work Curtis Fell does. First of all he always runs insane Black Friday deals, second all orders comes with free shipping. Ramshackle Games have donated awesome models for some of the projects I've run as a teacher (without getting anything in return).

So when Curtis set up a Patreon page, I jumped on it right away. In my monthly budget a simple 2$ monthly Patreon means absolutely nothing. But here's the kicker - you will get a cool yearly model if you support Ramshackle on Patreon.

I just got the first set, I haven't checked in on the updates, so had no idea what i was getting. And it's an amazing set. I don't see Patreon as shopping and I don't need to get anything in return from it. But is this kit wort 24$ on its own? Yes, yes it is.

This year we've gotten a crazy 28mm pizza seller and pizza baker. I'm gonna paint these guys up and use them for a scenario in This Is Not A Test.

Besides two models there's 5 resin pizzas, a full kitchen, platform and thick cardboard pizza boxes. And check out the pieces where the resin is poured into the mold! They're detailed. How awesome is that (I've seen Anvil Industries doing something similar). Even the waste on the models are great for some Gasland or wasteland terrain and builds.

If you have a few coins to spare in these crazy times - please consider throwing some at your small hobby or local business. I'm super privileged to by a public school teacher, send home with full pay. In these days I invest a bit of extra coin to support the little guys.

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