17 April 2020

Terrain: Bus Stop

This is one of those 'super cheap, can't live without' kits from TTCombat. A set of two bus stops, quick and easy to assemble. Used spray paint to get the mdf and card white, assembled and wash in brown wash. Made sure not to mess up the glass part too much.

The first of the two I've drenched in grafitti and posters, to fit the color scheme and theme of my Cyberpunk boards. There's a small reference to one of my TTCombat noodle shops as well.

The other bus stop I left plain, only painted and washed. This was for it to better fit both my Fallout wasteland setup and my modern Walking Dead and Last Days tables.

A bus stoop on a quickly build wasteland suburbia board.

A sprawl bystander waiting for the bus, before all hell breaks loose. 

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