5 April 2020

TNT: Slaver gang re-enforcements

I've made quite a good amount of TNT warbands, to play with mates otherwise no longer invested in the hobby. It's great fun and the casual nature of the game is perfect for a good time.

The slaver warband I've build, had some really nice rolls after a recent game. Having money to get two new crew members and finding a depend-o-bot in the wasteland. Here's the models I did for them.

For the two humans, I've made some fairly all fitting bases, because they'll work well for Last Days as well.

Bloodhound - bounty hunter
An addition from one of the TNT expansions, the bloodhound is kind of a tracker / bounty hunter. Works as a regular Joe, no super stats. But after a game, there's a good chance for warband will get some extra barter script, depending on the enemy's injury rolls. And after the first game this character was on the team, she made here money back.

Character is called Maze and is armed with an assault rifle and riot gear.

Found in the wasteland after a game, this depend-o-bot was rigged to help out the crew. A very nice prize to find, getting a free robot on the team. This model is a Warlord Games Gates of Antares robot, part of their £1 sprue sale. Nice big fellow based on a 40 mm base. I added a big drill from a Deadzone vermyn model.

The robot is armed with a aerosol gun (flame thrower) and melee weapon. It's pretty deadly in close combat. And for a skill it was lucky to roll a scout ability, he can be setup nearly everywhere on the board. ... that's a really nasty danger to the enemy team.

K-9 Trainer
This is a metal model from Offensive Miniatures. Normally he's only armed with a chain, but I've added a shotgun to him (Warlord Games WW2 bit). To make him a bit more gnarly, I decided to paint him with a bare torso - though the model is sculpted with tank top.

The small dog is from the Warlord Games Farm Animal kit.


  1. Awesome looking mini. Love that last one with the German Shepherd.

    1. The warlord games sprue 'farm animals' is absolutely amazing!

  2. I thought I recognized that robot...

    1. Such a cool model. Glad I got myself a bunch, been using them in multiple warbands now.