23 April 2020

Dungeon tiles 2 and 3

April saw me caught in isolation like so much of the world. So despite having made a huge paint pledge (check out the Pledge, Paint or Pay community), it was quickly done. I then decided to get back to my 3d dungeon project.

The next mission for Rangers of Shadow Deep is in Tor Varden - so I need it to proceed with that game. 

For my blog on the first modular dungeon tile go here: Tile 1.

Tile 2
For all the corner tiles I'm making a 4" opening at the middle of two sides. The trick is to then fill the rest of the 1' tile with various setups.

The original plan was to make the second dungeon tile a prison/torture chamber one and make some cages in it. So to do that I wanted to make a large room. And some smaller rooms.

I elected to skip the prison cells, because I couldn't figure out a good way to make the doors. And I'm happy that decision. Instead I'll try to make some cages that can be moved around, used in outdoor scenarios as well. And that also leaves the room up for use as anything else I can cook up.

The first tile mostly seems like all corridors, so I made them thinner on this second tile. Not a smart choice. That 2" wide corridor and room is too small and fiddly really. 

Well. Here's a few shots of the two first corner tiles setup in different ways. I think the result is good. 

All floors will be the same, made from roughly 1" square tiles, for better use with games like Hero Quest and Dungeon Saga. 

Tile 3
For the third tile I tried making another distinct and different looking corner. Going for a single corridor and two large rooms on this one. There's a 4" open door way in one room. But as you can see below, I got the idea to make an arch / beam over the 4" opening in the side this time. I adds a bit of extra detail and gives a better feeling of a room. 

To add some detailing to the build, I've made sure to make many different brick designs on the walls of the dungeon. All outer walls have one design. All walls in corridors or room that's connected to other tiles have a second design. Any room that's closed off and on its own have a unique design as well.

When painting I plan to use different colors and nuances to make the designs stand out further. And I'll paint patterns on the floor tiles as well. Like the old Hero Quest board. 

It does however take up a bit of brain activity when making the walls before assembly. 

Various designs
I'll pick out the stones around a door, top and bottom rows of stones etc in different colors. It'll give a bit of life to the various rooms. I fear otherwise it'll all be grey in grey. 


  1. Great build, with the floor stone's are they just scrap cardboard cut up, can't wait for the paint scheme 👍.

    1. Yup. Cardboard cut out in shape. It's mostly frozen pizza and corn flakes boxes