20 April 2020

RoSD - The Missing - The Infected Trees

Having investigated The Deserted Village our rangers found out the villagers had been taking by lethal spiders, with a venom turning infected villagers into zombies. Bottond the Black (ranger of 6yo son) and Haelga wasted no time rushing towards the woods. Trying to save as many villagers as possible.

Bottond the Black
Made this ranger and companions for my son. He picked out the bits and chose the models

We used my entire collection of trees and woods for the table. Then we added a bunch of moss and sprinkle to make a good dense forrest. For the infected nesting trees, we used dead trees - to make them stand out.

We then covered a large portion of the board in teddy stuffing - for easy spiderweb. I quickly made some spider cocoons for the scenario. I stick from the garden, covered in pva glue, then rolled some string around it. A layer of thinned pva on top afterwards.

The game
The rangers split into three groups, to cover a bigger area of the forrest. Bottond and an arher, my sons other two warriors made two small groups. My ranger Haelga and her three companions stayed together.

I really like the skills in RoSD, and with some good tracking the groups made good time to the forrest. So we removed the closest spider from the table after setup.

Wurt the recruit, Bertha the men-at-arms, Sveinur the guardsman and Haelga the ranger.

The cocoons with the villagers - hopefully we would find plenty alive in the forrest.

The spiders having no trouble crossing and climbing through the trees was in melee range really quick. But Bottond (armed with a crossbow), his archer and Haelga managed to do some damage to spiders from the start. Then it was straight into melee with the monsters!

In our first game we found a single survivor in the town - and send him straight into combat as an auxiliary trooper. That cost us some experience points, so for this game we really wanted to keep any survivors alive.

Bertha and Wurt rushed towards the nearest cocoon.

Two companions of Bottond skulking through the forrest on their own. A recruit and a men-at-arms.

Bottond the Black and an archer companion making it through the woods. The killed the spider closest to them with arrows and moved towards Haelga and her companions.

Nasty critters in the woods - I really don't like spiders. These guys were originally made for my Ghost Archipelago bestiary, fits right in here as well.

The spider crawled through the forrest with ease and attacked Sveinur in close combat. Bottond wasted no time jumping into the fight to help, wanting to cleave the spider with his giant axe!

It quickly felt like we were getting swarmed by spiders. Luckily for us this was the spiders starting on the table, and the first couple of event phases didn't bring more enemies to the table.

The first web is cut open and a mother and her children are freed. The make a hast retreat towards the village and away from any spiders on the table.

Wurt was equally lucky when opening up the web close to him, another rescued villager. This time a farmer from the town. He wasted no time following the female villager.

The first spider attack was a victory. And a good one as well. A few wounds here and there, but non of the heroes were infected with the spider venom. With a good close group, if seemed like any single spiders would be easy pickings.

Bottond and Haelga, two rangers working together killing the last visible spider in the forrest.

A ranger companion making his way to another pile of web. And another villager saved. This time it's a little girl. 

Quick towards home and the village.

The mission into the woods really turned out to be in our favor. It seemed that every event phase saw us doing okay, never more than a single spider attacking at a time. And with the six cocoons on the board, only one contained a zombie. The remaining five all held live villagers - excellent luck on out part.

At almost the same time the rangers and their companions made it to all the nesting trees. The smoke must have been visible for a long distance, because all trees went up in flames at the same time. And we had good time to spare as well.

So for a couple of turns our warband walked towards to entry board edge - just to get the remaining difficult events. ut in the end (due to my sons great luck with dice) this mission wasn't much of a challenge.

Despite not being very hard, we had an absolute blast playing through this scenario. I build some cool models for my son. Our entire team is still alive, both rangers have gotten their first level and a couple of companions is getting experience under their belt.

One of the best things with RoSD is preparing the scenarios. I take my time doing it right. Making the correct companions, enemies, terrain and objectives. It'll take me a few year getting through all the material. But such a joy playing this!

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