30 May 2018

TWD: Fire Engine and Dump Truck

A few thrift store toy purchases turned into terrain. Building some quick scatter terrain pieces is so easy for modern days post apocalypse. Like The Walking Dead, This is not a Test and Last Days: Zombie Apocalypse.

For the dump truck I super glued some coffee groud on the back first. Then I matt varnishes both vehicles. I then drybrushed some rust effects (and the black on the scorched fire truck). Add lots of different washes. Matt varnish again and they're done. Easy, quick terrain.

The fire truck along with some police cars are perfect for the urban board, to add that chaos as everything is getting overrun.

The dump truck has a nice scale, especially as the back fit a couple of models standing next to each other.

1 comment:

  1. Great results with simple techniques. I found a rather good diecast 1:50 tipper truck today at Smyth's Toys UK. £4.99.

    Will try your method.