20 May 2018

Frostgrave: Thaw of the Lich Lord - Lair of the Ghoul King

The seventh scenario of The Thaw of the Lich Lord campaign for Frostgrave was the best one yet. Great game with a strong character in the middle and ghouls dropping from the roof and entering from trapdoors in the floor.

This battle was fought between a friends summoner and my witch, having played the campaign together. After this battle both wizards are level 14, still nice and balanced.

The scenario was a joy to play. We did a dungeon style layout, dropping buildings and only using scatter pieces. We also put all my Dungeon Saga and Hero Quest terrain pieces on the board - which really made a nice dungeon look.

My witch have summoned a lot of zombies, so I really wanted to get the Amulet of the Ghoul King (letting you summon ghouls instead of zombies). My opponnents summoner had no intention of fighting the ghoul king.

The fight went good and I almost killed the ghoul king in close combat. Unfortunately (and stupid by me) I made a push back at one time. An archer then killed off the wounded ghoul king with a clear shot.

We had ulterior motives on the board and my wizard had a chance on getting a free self-chosen potion. I went all in to get it. Giving a treasure hunter a potion of teleportation to help the mission. In the end I was succesfull, but at great peril. A wraith entered the battle near the sarcophagus and ghoul kept swarming in. Only the rangifier had a chance of hurting the wraith.

My wizard is happy, as there's now an Elixir of Life in his vault.

The 3'x3' layout of the Ghoul Kings lair. More photos and lots of tutorials on this hub.

Link to scenario 6.

The demon summoner leading my friends warband.

Treasure hunter, apprentice, templar and men-at-arms about to enter the Lair of the Ghould King.

Treasure hunter and crossbowman fighting a ghoul, who entered through a trap door in the floor.

My witch hiding behind a bookshelf after he was wounded - but obtained the Amulet of the Ghoul King.

My witch hunter Geralt fought great in the middle of the board, near the Kings throne. Wanting to prevent my opponent getting two treasures. Despite being greatly out numbered he made it out alive.

The board is made of scratch build pieces, there's tutorials for most of this things here.

The Ghoul King on his throne, guarded by a Ulterior Motives zombie.

Geralt fighting the Ghoul King (an epic match up). Almost killed him, but then pushed him back, allowing my opponent to finish him. ... with a well placed arrow in the back.

Some wolves entered the crypt as random encounters, luckily my witch was able to gain control of it just before it attacked him.

Ghouls kept swarming onto the board from trap doors and falling from the ceiling. You really had to protect the wizards and keep bodyguards nearby.

A men-at-arms employed by my opponent. These soldiers are used to fighting along imps and minor demons.

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