4 May 2018

TWD: Police Cars

Originally I have painted one of The Walking Dead cars as a police car, but I've wanted more ever since. These three dice cast cars are the right size, found them on Ali Express. They weren't as cheap as finding terrain toys in a charity shop, but they look very good.

Having three cars with the same symbols is perfect for binding a board like my Prison together. It'll also allow me to make better looking road blocks and the like.

The car on the right I've done nothing with. The one in the middle got some hammer hits. The truck on the right got a few gunshot holes in the wind shield.

I painted these cars by giving them a coat of matt varnish spray. Then I drybrushed the entire under side of the cars with an iron colour. The banged up car got a drybrush of rust and iron colours. Then the cars were drowned in different washes. Heavy, thick layers of wash. One car got a bit of blood spatter.

Both normal cars had 388 on the roof. So with a bit of white and black, I changed one to 386.

And that's some finished terrain pieces in absolutely no time at all. Longest time was waiting on the mat varnish to dry two times.


  1. what scale are they my dude? do you know?

    1. If I recall correctly it's 1:48. Just search AliExpress for Police Car and they'll show up.