16 May 2018

TWD: The Prison

This is one of those major projects to finish - and something I've been planning since I started collecting Mantic Games The Walking Dead.

The massive prison setup is filling a 2'x4' board, allowing some very big games.

Chain-link fence
The chain-link fencing and gate I've build myself and the construction is covered here.

Police cars
I added some police cars to the piece as well. All three are from AliExpress and was easy to weather, as seen in this post.

The Guard Tower
The guard tower is an MDF kit by Laser Model Store. It's cheap and really high, it doesn't come with an interior design. As there's some large flat surfaces, I triede adding a bit of texture with thick layers of wood glue - but the result is not as I would like.

For painting I spray the building black in some areas, white in others and left some bare MDF as well. While still wet I spray a grey paint all over it. Hard to see in the photos, but the result is different nuances of grey. This along a heavy wash of agrax earthshade and army painter strong tone - adds some colour difference to the flat areas.

Administration building
I'm using the ground floor (and dropping the second storey) of my simple brick buildings (also from Laser Model Store) as administration buildings. I've incoorporated into the fence setup, the prison grounds can be made even bigger.

The Prison
The main building is the actual prison and the cell blocks. This building is made by Red Beam Designs (that's now closed and have sold their designs to Wayland Games). It's a nice big MDF kit with 4 cells, hallways and a large mess hall.

I spend some time before assembly, doing a dry fit and using a lot of masking tape. Did some image searches on the insede of prisons. Found a nice one that I've tried to copy. Using masking tape and paper - it was a quick way to add details. The piece is painted with cheap rattle cans and weathered with different washes.

The kit does not have a roof (and it'll probably be off most of the time. I still build a roof from thick cardboard and ice pop sticks.

In time, I want to build some shelves with guns and ammo cases, to turn one cell into an armory.


The entire prison setup on a 2'x4' Deep Cut Studios mat.

Andrea and Lori Grimes ready to pick off some walkers in the prison yard.

Walkers around a shoot up police car.

A shot of the Laser Model Store prison tower. I've added the red spot color to the windows and doors, to tie the tower with the prison building and gate.

Dale has climbed the guard tower and spying out the prison yard.

I made a double gate for the prison, after doing some research on the web. Made sure my police cars fit inside the gate, closed on both side of it.

A clear shot of my homemade cardboard roof. I might add a Helicopter landing pad at some point.

The prison came with a bit of furniture for the inside. I cut up an old towel to add blankets and pillows to the beds.

The yellow stripes on the floor is meant to be 'the inmate can reach you inside this' warnings.

The dining hall came with a few tables. I might built some simple metal benches from sprue, to add to the clutter.

Made some armory pieces from Warlord Game bits and 4Ground Terrain shelves.

I've made enough chain-link fencing to also make a small yard on the back  of the prison.