18 May 2018

Frostgrave: Thaw of the Lich Lord scenario 6

Played through scenario number 6 for Thaw of the Lich Lord. My witch versus a friends Summoner. They've went through the campaign together and are still are the same level. Roughly level 12 at this point.

Despite the luck changing back and forth, sometimes we have scenarios where we get out with only one treasure - the games are still balanced. This is very nice.

We've not taking many shots at the others wizards and use other tricks to get through the scenarios, making for funnier games. Reminds me of the novel Second Chances, where the warbands aren't direct enemies.

This scenario is a bit weird. The portals for getting to the treasure chamber is random and dangerous. the Wraithknights in the chamber is really tough (one killed five rangifiers recently). So we didn't even attempt to enter the chamber. But we played the scenario as it has cultists and a zombie troll roaming through.

We play with random encounters on a 50:50 when picking up treasure and with Ulterior Motives. There was so much terrain on the board for this scenario, that I missed my objective and moved towards the wrong pit - trying to find a geyser. A bad game for my warband as all monsters also entered from my table edge.

For articles on all the terrain projects (incl. tutorials) check this terrain hub. Or the bestiary.

Write-up of scenario 3, 4 and 5 is here.

An Elven Ranger (by Admiralty Minitures) taking up a sniper position over the battlefield.

A dwarven treasure hunter (Oathmark Dwarves) grapping a prize.

A trusted Rangifier hunting the undead.

A templar, summoned minor demon and a dwarven crossbowman entering the frozen city.

A zombie, with a scroll carved into his rotten skin is hunted by the summoners warband.

Buildings on the board are by Laser Model Store.

A treasure hunter and a knight with a Vampire Sword is fighting over a treasure.

A treasure hunter join the side of the knight in his fight.

The demon hunters Geralt fighting a men-at-arms fighting for a demon summoner.

Cultists entering the board, trying to get to a portal for the treasure chamber.

And a big hulking zombie troll. It got blinded quickly and after that didn't present much of a thread to the witches warband.

A banshee and a skeleton enters the board after the central ulterior motives treasure is picked up.

The summoners warband, missing an archer and a crossbowman (they must be hiding). Treasure hunter, men-at-arms, templar, apprentice, summoner, men-at-arms, men-at-arms, treasure hunter, imps.

My witches warband. Dwarven treasure hunter, infantryman, crossbowman, rangifier, witch, familiar, apprentive, demon hunter, knight, elven ranger and bear.

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