13 May 2018

TWD: Brick houses

These simple brick houses are from Laser Model Store. Before assembly I base coated the bricks red and the inside of the building grey. After assemble the only painting done is multiple layers of wash. The entire thing is covered in agrax earthshade (GW), some places have pools of strong tone (Army Painter) and the run off are made with dark tone (Army Painter) and dry rust (Vallejo).

The buildings are perfect in their simplicity, as they can be anything from residential building to administration in a prison set up. Gonna be used in everything from The Walking Dead, Scrappers, This is not a Test and Last Days: Zombie Apocalypse.

I plan to make some upgrades for these at some point. Fire escapes made from sprue (and magnets) and some simple store signs (also magnets).

I want to get another two of these buildings, to make a complete city block. The next two are gonna be more post apocalyptic, with boarded windows, perhaps a blasted hole in one wall.

All my other modern terrain can be seen here.

Dale and Daryl Dixon is scouting out a street. I've build my own Daryl model from various bits.

The buildings does not come with any stairs (at least in the version I've bought). So I've had some simple stairs drawn and 3d printed by Hedegaard Designs. The steps are made as 1" squares, so fitting models bases perfectly.

Interior furniture is by 4 Ground.

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