16 October 2020

Ghost Archipelago: X Marks The Spot!

The second game of Ghost Archipelago we ever did. And it's been awhile since we played the game - and we had a fair amount of beer at that point. But! No game should ever go unshown. In this game our two crews have heard rumors of a buried treasure deep in the jungle. Having few funds, just buying ships and heading for the Ghost Archipelago - finding a good treasure would be nice. '

Our first battle is retold in detail here. This is the warband I brought into the jungle. And here's an article on the scatter pieces. As always we're playing our games with the Ulterior Motives.

The photos have been mixed up, and I can't really figure out the correct order. But here's a video that showcase the terrain setup for the game. 

The treasure was buried central on the board, but fairly quickly my guys were able to make in and start digging for the treasure. I went in heavy on getting to the treasure, sending in three soldiers to help secure it. 

A knight from the enemies warband, trying to make it through the thick jungle. 

The entire jungle board for the mission, we played on a 3'x4' setup, because we have so much terrain and want to use all of it. The buried treasure in on the hill in the middle of the board, and there's a dangerous pit right next to it. 

Both warbands were really greedy and doing everything to get first for the treasure. There was quickly a lot of combat around the center of the board. Both wardens also summoned animal companions to the table, making for even more fighting and mayhem.

The giant snake, summoned by the enemy warband turned out to be too much of a challenge for my savage, he was brought down by the venomous beast.

And archer and crewman from the enemy ship has secured one of the treasures on a rock formation. A perfect vantage point for the archer to annoy the crew members from my ship. 

A crew member from my ship have been sneaking through the jungle to get a treasure, a small crystal skull. Because of the dense terrain, the ulterior motives and random monsters - there's always a couple of uncontested treasures to grab quickly.

My own heritor, Fernando Rodrigo Gonzales was quickly at the center of the board. The plan was for the crew members to secure the treasure, while he would heroically hold the enemy away with his superior fighting skills. 

The enemy heritor, a prince from a far away court, he was brutal and killed a lot of my soldiers i nthe game. With his mighty hammer he fell many sailors this day. 

... see how messed up the photos are for this game? Well, he're my crew just after landing in the jungle, having used small boats to get in there. 

The enemy heritor, a savage and crew member. A powerful trio is staying together to fight. 

Close to the table edge where my guys entered the board, I was able to climb some cliffs with both my archers. It was a good vantage point and gave me an opportunity to give to covering fire to protect my own soldiers. 

There was a few tribal warrior protecting some areas of the jungle where the treasure was burried. 

Okay... so not each and every written battle report is too good. Sometimes the photos just turn out bad, too much time pass before I get around to writing the words... and the details get fuzzy. 

But this game was still a nice game of Ghost Archipelago. Both teams, in the end got away with a decent amount of treasure, good XP and no serious damage done to the teams. After this game my warband sailed back to the mainland, sold a lot of bad treasure and invested the money instead - on a good amount of new reinforcements.  

My team would be very strong in the upcoming battle. ... that'll be described in much better detail. 


  1. Beer supported fog of war...
    You have great terrain!

    1. Thank you BZ, I'm very happy with it. And it's gonna be awesome when I get around to playing some Blood and Plunder