14 October 2020

Garage Talks: Curtis Fell - Ramshackle Games


A new episode of Garage Talks is out now, where you listen to podcasts. Hear all previous episodes on Anchor or right here on the blog.

Garage Talks are recorded talks with prominent people from the hobby. They are invited into the Discord server, an excellent hobby community in itself. And here we have a talk about their part in the hobby. You're welcome to check in there, see if the platform is for you.

Curtis Fell runs Ramshackle Games and have written the games Nuclear Renaissance and Mini Gangs. recently Curtis have started the company Soul Forge and taken over production of orc model line 'Da Green One'. He's also a commission painter and has a cool blog.

We're talking about this, community, hobby history, hobby evolution, gaslands and much more. 

I've painted a lot of Curtis stuff over the years. Here's some of the stuff.

Dunger and dungerdon

Gaslands cars converted with Ramshackle bits and toy cars

Slaves and models of different kinds for This Is Not A Test


  1. The audio is pretty glitchy. Might want to consider a different connection?

    1. We did have some trouble on this one, with mr. Curtis connection. That's how it goes sometimes - we're not professional content creators.

      I'm tweaking where I can with the stuff we got.

  2. Really enjoyed this podcast, Ramshackle games make excellent vehicles and mini's :)

    1. Cheers Mr. / Ms. Unknown - they sure do. Love Ramshackle stuff.