19 October 2020

Unboxing: Reichbusters - kickstarter pledge

A big part of my hobby stuff comes from cheap and lucky auctions. Either kickstarter board games or huge lots of used models. I've become quite good at figuring out, the rough price of reselling stuff. 

I got lucky on an auction for a Reichbusters: Project Vril kickstarter pledge with an extra expansion. I've already bought two sets of the 3d doors from the kickstarter, but didn't follow it otherwise. 

I don't have any plans of actually playing the board game itself, I just wanted cool miniatures. 

Below is a video where I unbox the models, check the quality and talk about which games I want to use them for. There's cool models for pretty much all my games. Cyberpunk games, post apocalypse. Great stuff. 

My plan of 'free models' didn't pay off on this one, yet. After the initial resell auctions, I managed to get half the price back. The initial PPM (price pr model) was 0,4 euros - good for biggies and heroes. After resale that price is now 0,15 euro PPM. But I have around 40 miniatures still to flip. So hoping that I can unload them over time and have free models left for myself. 

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