26 October 2020

Garage Talks - Sean Sutter


Recently we had Sean Sutter from Metal King Studios for a visit on the Discord community for a hobby talk. Sean is mostly known for his hit skirmish game Relic Blade. Sean the self described eccentric toy maker is also part of the Blaster Magazine, working on Sludge wargame and Mystic Skies. 

This hobby talk was arranged by While from STF Wargaming Studio, he was well prepared and lots of questions lined up. 

You can find the talk linked here at Anchor og embedded into this site. 

During the talk Sean also shared a bunch of photos with us from Relic Blade and some upcoming releases. You can check out all those photos here.

In this talk we cover:

  •  Entry to hobby and the story of Metal King Studios
  •  Relic Blade story and news
  •  Blaster Magazine
    • Sludge: 'historical' dark fantasy black powder games
    • Mystic Skies: wizards on flying carpets fighting in a desert (using Gaslands rules).

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